Hydroelectric Generator Cleaning

My name is Torie J. Fidler and I own Universal Dry Ice Blasting. My family started the very first U.S. Dry Ice Blasting Service Company in 1992. We clean Hydroelectric Generators using the Dry Ice Blasting process. My Father, brother, and I began cleaning generators in 1998 for SCE at Big Creek with Electrical Engineer Mr. Don Frapwell. Don taught us how to clean generators thoroughly to help increase Megger readings and prolong healthy stator core temperatures. One major issue that we faced while cleaning these Gentle Giants were clogged Air Vents and Stator Iron. We used bottle brushes on the air vents while the rotor was still in the unit. My brother and I were shoulder deep in the unit with our faces pressed against the spider wheel cooling ring while poking each individual air vent, (there are only about 10,000 air vents per unit?) my brother said: “There has got to be a better way!”

We Industrialized our Ice Blaster. We increased the air and ice volume output on our Dry Ice Blasting machines to cover more area faster, we also engineered special tooling that fits in between each field pole and we’re able to blast the stator face and air vents head on. The clogged air vent’s debris is then pushed into the inspection window area and vacuumed up later. We are able to clean most generators with the rotor in place, this saves companies so much money on the time and man hours it takes to pull the rotor and reassemble. We are the only company that can successfully clean with the rotor in the unit. No longer do you have to wait for your 10-year rotor pull to clean a filthy unit.

Since 1998 we have cleaned and painted over 300 hydroelectric generators using this process and today Dry Ice Blasting is the number one generator cleaning process in the world.

Universal Dry Ice Blasting

We are a Nationwide Dry Ice Blasting Service Contractor located in Southern California. We have 24 years of Dry Ice Blasting experience in the Industrial and Power Generation field. Our team of Dry Ice Blasting Specialists can be on your site in 24 to 48 hours for Emergency Response. Please contact us with any questions.



 Torie J. Fidler
Universal Dry Ice Blasting
Apple Valley, CA