Dry Ice Blasting Cleans Switchgear that caught fire from an Explosion, No Problem! The Dry Ice Blasting Process Cleans Switchgear Faster and More Thorough than traditional cleaning methods. Dry Ice Blasting is a “DRY” Process that does Not Create Secondary Waste and is Non-Abrasive!   Please Check out our Process Below!

Switchgear Cleaning
Emergency Response Cleaning is No Problem for Universal Dry Ice Blasting!
CO2 Cleaning Switchgear
Switchgear after CO2 Cleaning
Switchgear Dry Ice Blasting
Switchgear after Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Cleaning Switchgear
Soot-Covered Switchgear before Dry Ice Blasting
Switchgear Maintenance
Switchgear after Dry Ice Blasting
Switchgear Fire
Switchgear and Cables before Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Switchgear outage
Switchgear and Cable after Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Maintaining Switchgear
Busbar before Dry Ice Blasting
Switchgear Maintenance
Dry Ice Blasting Switchgear Busbar
Cleaning Switchgear
The Switchgear Cleaning was No Problem. Our Crew and the Electricians worked together harmoniously to get the Client back up and running!                                                         Call or Email Us Today!    Phone 760-525-8380    Email torie@universaldryiceblasting.com