Dry Ice Blasting does it again!! Dry Ice Blasting throws Traditional Generator Cleaning Tools and Methodology back in the Bucket!!

Universal Dry Ice Blasting cleans the grounded rotor in a horizontal hydroelectric generator with the rotor in place.

Before Dry Ice Blasting (CO2 Blasting) technology, numerous workers had to spend many man hours taking apart and cleaning these gentle giants by hand with harsh solvents, rags, and brushes. The process was labor intensive, the workers safety was at risk, also there was hazardous waste and disposal to take care of.

Today Dry Ice Blasting is the White Knight of Hydroelectric Generator Cleaning. Dry Ice Blasting Eliminates taking the rotor out of the generator. This is a huge savings not only in Time and Money, but also in Man Hours to take the unit apart. Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the dangerous solvents that workers come in contact with, which lowers the  safety risk of the workers. Dry Ice Blasting does Not create secondary waste and eliminates hazardous waste and disposal costs in a major way.

Finally a cleaning process that your Health and Safety Director can get excited about!!

You’re probably wondering what happen with the rotor? The megger readings on the rotor before Dry Ice Blasting were 0.02 Meg ohms. After Dry Ice Blasting the megger readings increased to infinite. (2 gigs)

Dry Ice Blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning process that is safe for the worker and safe for the environment. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Universal Dry Ice Blasting


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